The Mis­eries Over­head

 By: Huda Rizwan

Dear Me,

So long, You’ve held on for so long. You’ve pulled through life brave­ly. It’s been a series of unwant­ed events. That heart kept beat­ing all along. Through the dark­est of times and the worst heart­breaks, it will keep beat­ing till it’s time to stop. No don’t try to stop it on your own, you can go fur­ther than this. Don’t blame your­self.

It’s time to for­give your­self, to for­give them, to for­give your­self for believ­ing in the lies, for plac­ing your wound­ed, weak heart in his sin­ful hands. For cher­ish­ing his laugh and for cheer­ing him while he tossed the ball in the bas­ket. For hold­ing those cold hands and warm­ing them up. Do for­give your­self for every time you looked into his eyes and only saw love, for not real­iz­ing it wasn’t real. For let­ting him go, For­give your­self, For­give your­self for the tears you shed under the night sky in the starlight. For all the times you yelled at him with tears in your eyes. For that call when you talked to him like a stranger.

You’ve been strong. Shut the door, turn the keys, switch the light off, what do you hear? That heart is still beat­ing. That wound­ed, bro­ken, weak heart is still beat­ing and break­ing the silence.

Hold the thoughts but cage them. I know it kills you. It kills you to be so lost. The ques­tions don’t let you sleep but that one ques­tion, it won’t let your peace stay. Know that it was all a lie. I know it hurts. Hold on. Cling to life.   

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