Splotch­es of Love

                By:Harris Rizwan

His pas­sion. That’s what had brought him here. The paint coursed through his veins, his heart beat with the inex­tri­ca­ble
love for his pas­sion. What­ev­er might his dreams of becom­ing an artist might be, no mat­ter how much he had grown
fond of his lit­tle hob­by, his par­ents would always rel­e­gate him. If they ever found out that he was here, they would be
aggra­vat­ed beyond com­pare. The bulbs dan­gling from the ceil­ing flick­ered on and off. The faint drone of the announc­er
could be heard accom­pa­nied by the applause of dozens of peo­ple, bring­ing him back to real­i­ty, sev­er­ing the tie between
him and his clash­ing thoughts. Leo’s heart ham­mered against his chest, his stom­ach had turned to jel­ly and although he
looked real calm from the out­side, he was hyper­ven­ti­lat­ing with­in. You can do it; he reas­sured him­self; You can do it.
But could he actu­al­ly do it? With the guilt of leav­ing his par­ents weigh­ing him down, Leo was start­ing to con­sid­er back­ing
out. How­ev­er his sec­ond thoughts would have to wait. The door of the room flung open and the assis­tant emerged.
Star­ing at the clip­board in his hand, he said, “Leo Casano­va? You’re up in five min­utes. Let’s hope you win.”
He took heavy steps towards the stage, as if his feet were made of
lead. For Leo this was his final chance. Not to only prove to the audi­ence, but him­self as well. This was who he was and
that he could do it. He walked and walked till only a flim­sy sheet of silk sep­a­rat­ed him from his moment. He had to soar
high like Icarus, but he had to watch out for the sun. For if he for­got his roots, his fam­i­ly dur­ing the dis­play he was about
to put on, then the final tie between him and his fam­i­ly would be cut. He stirred to real­i­ty with the boom of the
hostess’s micro­phone.
“Please wel­come our final con­tes­tant for the Graf­fi­ti Galore Com­pe­ti­tion, Leo Casano­va!” she announced fol­lowed by a
jubi­lant uproar from the audi­ence.
Do some­thing for them; he thought to him­self, no mat­ter how much his par­ents were cross at him. He had to do
some­thing for them. And with that thought ignit­ing a fire in his heart, he stepped onto the stage.

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  1. Nice sto­ry about how you have to do what your pas­sion­ate about even if you lose the ones you love.happy?

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  3. It’s sur­re­al, keep up the good work :”)

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